So much is written and spoken about Trump’s narcissistic behaviour, especially at the moment when he is using his daily updates on the Corona Virus to further his own seemingly self-important agenda. I felt inspired to check out the astrological perspective on this.

Trump was born with a very strong narcissistic imprint. The degree rising over the eastern horizon at the moment of his birth was 29Leo48, which was closely following the planet Mars only 3 degrees ahead at 26Leo47. Leo is the sign that traditionally ruled Kings and Queens, the Rulers of Countries and Empires. Kings and Queens were seen as almost God-like to their subjects who admired, respected, sometimes worshipped and generally feared their God given Rulers. 

In astrology Mars (named after the Roman God of war) is the planet associated with our personal desires, wants and needs and represents the energy, focus and intent required to satisfy those desires, wants and needs. When Mars is in Leo, there can be an inherent desire to be a leader, but because Mars is such a self-interested energy, those with Mars in Leo desire leadership for more personal reasons. People born with the Sun in Leo also have desires for leadership, but they usually come from a more magnanimous aspiration. So it is the Mars in Leo  need to be personally admired, respected and praised that inspires them to become leaders or celebrities of one form or another. Trump is now both a celebrity and leader. It is however, this need that gives Mars in Leo the title of the most narcissistic placement in the horoscope.

When Mars is conjunct the Ascendant as Trump’s is, one’s advancement in life is often accompanied by the use of force.

So from this initial indication of Trump’s inherent narcissism, I decided to look at where the asteroid Narcissus falls in his natal chart. At the moment of his birth this asteroid was at 15Taurus45. This places Narcissus as the most elevated body in Trump’s chart, only 9 degrees from the Mid-Heaven, which is the place of the Sun at midday on the day of one’s birth. The most elevated body in our charts has a strong influence on how our lives develop.

Narcissus, in Trump’s natal chart was also in a close 150 degree aspect to the asteroid Chiron at 14Libra55. Chiron is named after the Greek God known as the wounded-healer and in astrology he represents the place of our deepest and often unhealable wounds. This indicates that Trump’s asteroid Narcissus, is a deeply wounded Narcissus, interesting from the perspective that psychiatrists have called him a “malignant narcissist”.

It is clear that Trump’s elevation to the Presidency has fulfilled his narcissistic dream to the point that he is probably the most talked about person on the planet, and even though a lot of that talk is negative, the narcissist doesn’t usually mind, because any form of attention, positive or negative will satisfy. The question then was, was this indicated astrologically? 

On November 8th 2016 when Trump was elected President of the USA, these were the positions of some of the planets in the sky on that day. The Sun at 16Scorpio33 was directly opposite his Narcissus at 15Taurus45. Saturn at 15Sagittarius11 was in a 150 degree aspect with his Narcissus and Pluto at 15Capricorn23 was in a close trine aspect to his Narcissus. Mars at 29Capricorn29 was in a 105 degree aspect to his Narcissus. That’s 4 out of the 10 major planets, Sun and Moon in close aspect to his Narcissus on the day of his “Narcissistic Deliverance”.

On that day the asteroid Narcissus in the sky was at 9Aquarius19 in an exact 105 degree aspect with the Mid-Heaven in his natal chart at 24Taurus22. The Mid-Heaven in our natal chart represents how we project ourselves out into the world. Narcissus was also in a close 150 degree aspect with Trump’s Mercury at 8Cancer52 and a 165 degree aspect to his Saturn at 23Cancer49. It was also in a wider 135degree aspect with his Sun at 22Gemini56.

Around the middle of March 2020, the asteroid Narcissus began to station, an astronomical term to describe the apparent slowing of a planet or asteroid as its movement, in relation to the Earth, appears to change direction. So since then Narcissus has been stationary at 16Leo, this is exactly conjunct the mid-point of Jupiter and Uranus in Trump’s natal chart. Reinhold Ebertin who pioneered mid-point astrology had this to say about the Jupiter-Uranus mid-point, “ A love of freedom, the urge for independence, the obstinate adherence to one’s own principles from inherent opposition rather than from real conviction, the tendency to magnify things or to exaggerate everything, inconstancy and tactlessness”. Sound familiar?

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