I have only met one Henry in my life, that I had any meaningful connection to and that was 45 years ago. He happened to pop into consciousness a few nights ago and stayed there long enough for me to google his name. He actually turned up there and I spent a little time reading what was available. End of story and Henry dropped out of consciousness. 

Yesterday afternoon, my wife and I were out walking in our neighbourhood as we often do and at one point we noticed a beautiful big green parrot with a bright orange beak sitting on a back fence. We stood in awe for a few moments and he then flew onto Aesha’s shoulder. He was clearly someone’s pet, so we wandered around to the front of the property and knocked on the door. The friendly woman came to the door and told us that the parrot didn’t belong to her, but was familiar in the neighbourhood and that he was a male named Henry and that he loved landing on women. She also assured us that he would find his way home.

So we continued with our walk and tried to get Henry onto some other fences, but he would immediately fly back onto one of us. So he ended up coming home with us and I went inside and   grabbed my phone to get a picture of him. We then popped him onto a tree branch and ran inside before he could follow. We looked out the window and saw him fly off home.

So, it was a sweet little story and that was that until later in the evening when it occurred to me to check if there were any asteroids out there named Henry and yes, there is an asteroid Henry. I then  checked my phone to see what time I had taken the photo and figured that we had met Henry around 4:15 PM on the 27th April. I set up the astrology chart for that moment and went to the asteroid ephemeris online to look up where asteroid Henry was in the sky at 4:15 yesterday.

The asteroid Henry was at 11Pisces14, this happens to be in a trine aspect with both the Sun in Aesha’s chart at 10Cancer19 and the Sun in my chart at 9Scorpio02. The trine, a 120deg aspect is the most harmonious aspect in the horoscope. Henry being in trine to both our Suns very aptly describes the joy and beauty we both experienced in our short time with such a lovely bird. 

The asteroid Henry was also in aspect to Mars in Aesha’s chart at 12Cancer11, Jupiter at 12Gemini26 and her rising degree (the Ascendant) at 12Leo16. In my chart asteroid Henry was also in aspect to Venus at 12Sagittarius36 and the Midheaven at 12Aries50.

This however, is not the whole astrological side to this story. The next part was to find where the asteroid Henry sits in both our birth charts. When Aesha was born, Henry was at 19Taurus59; at the moment we met Henry the degree rising over the eastern horizon was 19Libra34 in a close 150deg aspect to Henry in her chart. At the same time the planet Mars in the sky was at 19Aquarius04, in a close 90deg aspect to Henry in her chart and the planet Neptune at 20Pisces07 was in a close 60deg aspect to Henry in her chart. 

It is at this point that we come face to face with the idea of whether astrology has some relationship to our lives on Earth or not. Over my 45 years of astrological study I have seen numerous examples of astrological synchronicities with events, which have convinced me the relationship is a real one. However, it is only since I began looking at these insignificant asteroids orbiting between Mars and Jupiter and bearing everyday names like Henry, that the entire subject has shifted from an interpretive study, into a factual one. In other words I don’t have to know the meaning of Henry as I have to know the subjective meaning of Mars. There is nothing more real, normal and everyday than meeting a Henry, but we can now relate that specific event to the spinning of our Earth and the movements of all the bodies in the Solar System.

I could actually describe this event in purely mathematical terms, taking out all the astrological references so the previous paragraph about Aesha’s chart would read like this. Henry was at 49degrees59minutes of the 360 degree zodiac, the degree rising over the eastern horizon was 199deg34mins, they were 150degrees apart. We could say that Mars was planet 4 and was at 319deg04mins and Neptune could be planet 8, which was at 350deg07mins. 

So, as long as one agrees with the 15degree aspect system used in astrology and that planetary transits to our birth charts may influence our lives; then we see 3 live transits to Henry in her birth chart and we have the live transit of Henry aspecting 4 points in her birth chart, that is a lot of mathematical synchronicity happening as a bird called Henry alights on her shoulder.

When I was born, Henry was at 6Pisces14, at the moment we met Henry the Sun in the sky was at 7Taurus28 in a 60deg aspect to Henry in my chart. The Sun was conjunct the planet Uranus at 6Taurus39, so Uranus was also in a 60 deg aspect to Henry in my chart. The asteroid Chiron in the sky was at 7Aries13 in a 30 deg aspect with Henry in my chart.

The next part of the story involves this, the astrological description. That is because the asteroid Henry in my chart is in an almost exact trine aspect with the Part of Astrology at 6Scorpio22. The Parts (and there are many of them) were discovered by the Persian Astrologers of the middle ages and are made up mathematically by adding and subtracting different planetary positions to and from each other. Uranus in the sky right now is in an exact 180deg transit to the Part of Astrology and also in the 60deg transit to asteroid Henry. Uranus is the planet that rules Astrology. So here I am writing this blog, which will be the first blog for my new website that will hopefully be up and running in the next few days.

Back to the beginning and my old friend Henry popping into consciousness, that too also makes perfect sense now, for many of the same mathematical synchronicities were in place when that happened. 

Astrology is also meant to be a predictive tool, which is why many of the old Kings and Emperors had astrologers in their courts. So this begs the question, could our meeting with Henry have been predicted? I believe that with a big enough computer and the right software, it would have been possible to predict that the odds of meeting a Henry would have been very high for both Aesha and myself during the month of April 2020, and it could have been predicted on the day we were born. As the old saying goes, “it is all written in the stars”.

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