Relationship astrology readings are useful not only for romantic relationships but also for personal and work relationships.

Through a relationship astrology reading you gain insight into how you best interact with other star signs. Which star signs and traits are likely to give you a harmonious relationship and which ones are likely to cause friction in the relationship.

Relationships can be readily helped using Astrology to objectively point out the harmonies and dis-harmonies that exist between 2 people. That objective, impersonal view, written in both birth charts, and a Composite chart, which describes the actual relationship, is often enough to provide the clarity needed to help both people understand that their differences are not there to cause the other any suffering.

With this understanding at your fingertips you can begin to build stronger relationships in every area of your life and know which relationships will be easier to navigate than others.

Relationship readings are also useful for parents as it gives an in-depth understanding of how you and your child interact on an astrological level which can often clear the tension that arises while parenting strong willed children. After all, parenting doesn’t come with a rule book but knowing how you interact with your child based on your birth charts, is the next best thing.

It is also helpful to know how the current planetary transits to both natal charts are supporting, challenging or hindering each individual and the relationship itself. That is because these transits are always changing and it is good to know that difficult times and problems will always pass as transits end and new ones begin.

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